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CHS SealCrockett High School Class of '78 Wiki - Gary Faust


Gary Faust passed away on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.  He touched an amazing number of lives; check out the posts on his Facebook page:


Gary's Facebook page


Here's a glimpse of his work at Akins High School: Marching to Nowhere


A quote from that piece:


"..and this guy, Gary Faust, came in, and like got the entire band, like eighty, a hundred or so kids,

to all get their grades done, all be inspired to play music, and all inspired to do well."

Billy Hunter, Marching to Nowhere



Gary arrived at our thirty-year reunion on Friday night just after we had finished taking the group photo. Although he missed being in the group shot, this certainly captures how he made people feel:


(Gary's back is to the camera.) Bless you, Gary; rest in peace.












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