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Crockett High School Class of '78 Wiki / Planning   

David Crockett High School, Austin, Texas, in the heart of South Austin


 Reunion Planning: 


slide errorPlugin error: That plugin is not available.  (..we look like we're planning, don't we?) 


Update (Saturday, 4/19/2008):

Reunion Events ~

 Friday night 

 Get-together at the Manchaca Fire Hall                                        

 Saturday golf 

 Tournament at Jimmy Clay in South Austin

 Saturday picnic 

 Location to be announced..

 Saturday night 

 The official Big Finish at Cool River Cafe                   

 Optional Sunday event(s)?


Update (Saturday, 3/29/2008):


One idea we are seriously considering is adding a silent auction/live auction to our Friday night activities at the Manchaca Fire Hall.  It's a nice way to mix things up and gives spouses and guests another thing to do, and it's another way to raise funds to help offset reunion expenses.  In order for it to be successful, we need someone to head it up.  Could that be you?


Drop me an email by clicking here, and I'll call you.  Thanks!   BDunn, 09 Apr 2008


Click over to the Email Catcher if you don't think we have your email address..


Update (Saturday, 3/22/2008):


Saturday night will be at Cool River Cafe.  (No deal on golf at Onion Creek, and a late run from The Oasis was ultimately unsuccessful.)


A couple of other notes about the process: Bob Woody (CHS Class of '77) made us a VERY generous offer on a 6th-Street venue, but we ultimately passed.  Thank you, Bob, and a big shout-out to Drew Palmer for making that a possibility.  (Drew, you are a man of many connections!)  Excellent committee work to date exploring the options; thank you all, and keep up the good work!  Martha Stewart 



Update (Friday, 3/7/2008): the Saturday night venue.






Cool River Cafe

* Most affordable of the venues on the short list                 


Way north

Onion Creek Club

* Might be combined with golf

* Location: South Austin

Costs start around $25 per person (pp)

Lake Austin Riverboat

* WAY COOL experience; the lake is awesome.


Costs start around $30 pp,

$40 pp with dinner, $50 pp w/dinner & open bar

You miss the boat, and

  "you've missed the boat."

Post your two cents below; I would like to make a selection by March 15th.  BDunn

















I say let's CRUISE. Like you said Buddy,"Way Cool experience" Great idea ,Dana---Shep


I would actually prefer the cruise during the day - instead of a picnic.  I've done the cruise during the day and the view is incredible, but it may be difficult to set a time frame for takeoff due to the golf tournament.    I know that the girls had talked about doing a "dress up" event for Saturday evening and Cool River would definitely meet that criteria.  We would have an area dedicated to our group that includes several pool tables.  They also have a cover band every weekend, therefore we wouldn't need to hire a DJ.  If anyone wanted to have dinner, they have an awesome restaurant.  In terms of cost, it's the cheapest; we would only be responsible for our drinks.  It's also air conditioned (we are talking about late June!!)  I've discussed this with several people and one of the options for driving home is to have the adult children serve as cabbies that night.  That's just my two cents...... Sylvia




Update (Sunday, February 24th): the planning meeting at Serranos was big fun.

In attendance ~

         Drew Palmer         

        Jeff Shepperd        

       Mary Beth Kelley       

Sylvia Arzola

Dana Eskew

Patty Fossett

Teresa McCarty

Alice Lottes

 Donny Finger

 Craig Briggs

 Caren Wendt

 John Rader

Joe Jackson

 Buddy Dunn

Bobby Wawak 











Committees ~

 Friday night 

 Jeff Shepperd, Craig Briggs                                        

 Saturday golf 

 Jeff Shepperd

 Saturday picnic 


 Saturday night 

 Sylvia Arzola, Caren Wendt, Donny Finger, Patty Fossett, Dana Eskew, Mary Lynne Gibbs                   

 Finding classmates      

 Mary Beth Kelley, Alice Lottes


 Teresa McCarty, Alice Lottes


 Buddy Dunn, Craig Briggs

 Assistant Treasurer 

 Bobby Wawak

 Optional Sunday event(s)?






From early February:   


Time to kick it into overdrive.  Friday night at the Manchaca Fire Hall is confirmed - thank you, David Vogel! - and we have framed in some good ideas for Saturday (golf?  picnic?) and are now seeing what is feasible, but we need to nail down a place for Saturday night.


As per the most recent planning session**, here is the task list for possible Saturday night venues (with follow-up posted as it becomes available):

OptionLocationWebsiteFollow-up *Available?Details
1 The Belmont go! Sylvia  Hmmm $15,000 food and drink minimum charge 
2 Hyatt Regency Austin go! Buddy  Possibly Ballpark costs start around $25 per person
3 Lakeway Resort & Spa go! Mary Beth  Nope Too full that weekend to provide us banquet space for 200-250 people.  Would be glad to work with us if there is another date we want to consider.
4 Onion Creek Club go! Buddy  Possibly Ballpark costs start around $25 per person
5 Speakeasy go! Sylvia  Possibly The initial numbers worked, but the room availability was quoted as "7 to 10 pm"; will research further.
6 The Terrace Club go! Mary Beth


Already booked, and would have been too expensive anyway.  $50-70 per person, meal and everything but alcohol included.  $10K minimum
7 The Wildflower Center go! Molly  Hmmm $4,000 for the rental, plus you bring everything; must use one of their approved caterers 
8 Zilker Clubhouse go! Buddy      No Already booked..
9 call Bob Woody Kim passed to Drew Drew's on it!
10 call Rusty Euresti Molly  


* When you call to see if they can host our event, we're looking at an evening function on Saturday, June 21st, and we are expecting from 200 to 250 people. (There are approximately 120 faces in the twenty-year group shot..)


** Some adventurous classmembers met at the Fire Hall on Friday night, 2/8, and discussed a range of reunion ideas and details.  In attendance: Jeff Shepperd, Molly Ward, Kim Myers (and her brave husband Tim), Sylvia Arzola, Craig Briggs, Mary Beth Kelley, John Rader, and Buddy Dunn. 



MBK - the two options we have so far look WAY too expensive to me.....let's hope the others we don't have info on yet are more reasonable.  Kim, Drew Palmer said he also knows Bob Woody really well so hoping that's a good lead.......


BDunn - roger that on pricing, MB; Kim and I empowered Drew to call Bob.


MBK - Hey, Buddy - does the starting costs of $25/person for Onion Creek and the Hyatt include a meal?  Or is that just the rental cost of the ballroom?  If they are quoting us a per person charge, I assume it's based on a meal cost....


BDunn - hi MB, I called and said "8 or 8:30 pm start, we'll go to midnight or 12:30, band and dance floor". The Hyatt came back with "$6,250 food and beverage minimum (plus 21% service charge & tax)", while my contact at Onion Creek said we could probably work something out if we spent "$25 plus plus per person in food & beverage charges". <I got the Hyatt number by dividing 6250 by 250.>  I will follow up to see 1) if we can get a straight room rental charge, 2) if generous liquor sales help our numbers any, and 3) what the Hyatt guest rooms would cost those considering staying there.


Jeff - Buddy, if we held the Golf tourney at Onion Creek, or Lakeway for that matter, what would they do for us then?


Mary Beth - I'll ask Lakeway Inn when I call them, but I don't think they are directly associated with the golf course, so I doubt I can get us a special deal....never hurts to ask though.  Buddy, re the "minimums" at Hyatt and Onion Creek, we may want to consider having a meal there to meet the mins, but also letting people come late just for the dance, so the "cheapos" wouldn't have to pay $25 a head, but those of us that don't mind paying that could have a meal......we'd just have to be careful to make sure there were enough people willing to eat dinner there to meet the mins....Just a thought.....Also, Jeff said something about a Sunday planning meeting?  When?  Where?  I already have plans that day, but if it's a late afternoon or evening thing, I could make it. 


Mary Beth - one other thing.  I just called Crockett to ask about the possibility of a tour on Saturday morning June 21.  Talked to Daniel Garza, the building manager.  He said he would need to check to see if there are any summer camps going on that weekend, but if the building is empty, then they have to arrange for a custodian to be there, minimum 3 hours, and we'd have to pay for it ($45 for 3 hours).....I asked him if he thought there would be any staff member willing to just meet us up there and let us look around the building for a little while, and he didn't think so - not on a Saturday.  Geez, you'd think they'd have a little more respect for their elders.....I asked if there was anyone in the office or teachers that had been there more than 30 years, and he said he didn't think so but would check.  So...I haven't given up on this idea, and worst case, I'll foot the $45 myself, but I just think it's a little silly.  I will probably ask to speak to the principal first before I give up on just getting someone up there to let us look around a bit without having to pay a custodian to do it.  Anyway - stay tuned...I'm on it and I can be pretty persistent about getting my way.


Okay, just so you know that we're working hard to keep the costs down (even though you may drop some bills at the cash bar or partying afterwards), here's an alternative for comparison..


Sylvia - Dana, Liz, Patti and I went on a "field trip" Friday to Speakeasy.  We decided that it probably wasn't the best venue for Saturday evening.  Unless you're a frequent downtown visitor, parking can be a hassle; most of the parking lots and valet services charge $10 to park.  Also, the Terrace was not as big as I recalled; the bartender said they could accommodate 200 people, but it would definitely be a tight squeeze.   Furthermore, he flight of stairs to get to the Terrace was a little bit more than we bargained for - climbing those stairs had us all gasping for our breath!  There's a total of 52 steps, and that does not mix well with alcohol!!  Next field trip will be to Cool River. 




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