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CHS SealCrockett High School Class of '78 Wiki 

David Crockett High School, Austin, Texas


Reunion weekend schedule


Friday night (10/26) - Jester King Brewery, 13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, TX 78736. (No money collected on our end, just pay as you go..)


Saturday night (10/27) - Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin, includes a buffet dinner and a cash bar. Cost: $40 per person at the door


Saturday Evening Group Photo
Saturday, 10/27, 5:30 pm
Doug Sahm Hill in Butler Metro Park


We will gather at this picturesque spot with the Austin skyline in the background on Saturday evening for a group photo. As mentioned previously, parking may be a challenge, so you might factor in a little extra time for parking/walking, or carpool from the Wyndham, or take a rideshare from the Wyndham and then rideshare back, or park nearby and grab a scooter (Jeff will do this).. be creative!


Taking a rideshare? (Uber, Lyft, etc?) Or using the map app on your phone? Try one of these as your destination:
backside, closer to the hill
• Auditorium Shores Dog Park (just across the street)
• 836 W Riverside Dr, #898, Austin, TX 78704
frontside, more parking
• Butler Metro Park
• Dougherty Arts Center

One last note - our group photographer will use a drone. Should be interesting!





Reunion update - October, 2018 | Author: Buddy Dunn


Esteemed Classmates ~


Happy October! A few tidbits to start:

  • our class reunion is the last weekend of THIS month
  • Saturday, October 6th, was the last day to get the preferred room rate at the Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin; if you missed the deadline but still want to try to book a room, email me and I will make an appeal on your behalf
  • if you're coming to the Wyndham Saturday night, buy a ticket! It's cheaper for you, and it helps us plan!


Saturday night at the Wyndham is $40 per person at the door.



Some stream-of-consciousness discussion - the planning committee was intentional about choosing a Friday-night venue that is pay-as-you-go, and we are in negotiations with the folks at Jester King to allow us to stay until 11 pm, so feel free to go to the Homecoming game if you feel so inclined, then head out to Jester King after halftime; we'll be there! As for the Saturday schedule (see the graphic below titled REUNION SATURDAY), the 5:30 pm group picture will be taken at the very picturesque Doug Sahm Hill in Butler Park with the Austin skyline in the background. Are we rolling the dice on the weather? Absolutely! But please be there so you can BE IN THE PICTURE! As for Saturday night at the Wyndham, our first planning meeting included the following between Dana and Sylvia:


Dana - At our next ten-year reunion we will be ALMOST SEVENTY.

Sylvia - Well then we are SO getting a DJ for this one!


So there's a DJ Saturday night so we can dance while we're still young!


We will post more details and reminders here as the big weekend approaches, and a big THANK YOU to you guys who have already booked rooms and paid for the Saturday night function. It's going to be awesome; see you there!




Reunion update - September, 2018 | Author: Buddy Dunn


We are full speed ahead for our announced events:


Friday night (10/26) - Jester King Brewery, 13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, TX 78736. (No money collected on our end, just pay as you go..)

We were originally planning on Buck's Backyard on FM 1626, but the heavy metal band and the $25 cover charge changed our plans.


Saturday night (10/27) will be at the Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin and will include a buffet dinner and a cash bar. Cost: $30 per person in advance, $40 per person at the door (see below for payment options).


See the graphic below for hotel room booking instructions.


Ways to pay:

  Paypal     use this link: paypal.me/derfz  
  Venmo     send to derfz  
  Google Pay     send to zfredtx@gmail.com  



Each of these will generate a receipt to acknowledge you sent the money; in addition, I will reach out (hopefully within twenty-four hours of submission) to confirm that I got it and that you are good to go.



  • don't be alarmed if you see "James Dunn" (my given name)
  • if you want to pay with a credit card, there is a slight upcharge (typically around 3%)
  • if you want to be Old School and send me a check, or have another nifty way to pay besides the ones listed above, drop me an email and we'll work out the particulars.


It's going to be AWESOME; I hope you will join us!    BDunn


Reunion Saturday



Saturday options - THE DAY:


  • Crockett High School is open noon to 4 if you want to go by and see how the school has weathered the last forty years (this info comes from the Crockett High School 50th Year Celebration folks)
  • Saturday afternoon at The Yard, 440 E. St Elmo Road, 1 to 3 pm - Sylvia is spearheading a meet-up there, and the venues include Austin Winery, Still Austin, and Saint Elmo Brewery (is there a theme here?)
  • young Jeff Shepperd is considering organizing golf if he gets enough interest; click here to drop him an email if you are interested
  • want to craft your own self-guided walking adventure? Visit the Whole Foods at 6th and Lamar for a whole range of GREAT lunch options and even better people-watching, then stroll down through the Seaholm Power Plant development, then head over to the Central Library. If it had been like this forty years ago, we might have crossed the river more often! Insider tip: "Be sure and drop by Trader Joes for something chocolate on the way back to the car." - John Rader


Got something to add to this list? Drop me an email to get the ball rolling; thanks!



Booking a room at the Wyndham Garden Austin




Do they know? <last updated August 8th>


Click here





Reunion update - June, 2018 | Author: Sylvia Arzola 


Ok, Folks, start marking your calendars and booking reservations. The Reunion Committee is pleased to announce the following plans for our 40th GRAND Reunion!!


Friday night, 10/26/2018 - Buck's Backyard on FM 1626. Your cost is whatever you spend on libations and food. Reviews indicate they have the best burgers in town. At this time we don’t know if they will have a band. I went last night and they had a band that played 70’s and 80’s music. They have an enormous outdoor space as well. Cross your fingers for great weather.


Saturday night (10/27) will be at the Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin on Woodward Street and will include a buffet dinner and a cash bar. The costs are still being worked out but should be at most $40 per person.


See the graphic below (now above) for hotel room booking instructions.


Additional details on payment options will be forthcoming. Also, if you want to plan daytime events, go for it. I know I’ll be planning a wine gathering at Fall Creek Winery for Saturday afternoon. I’ll send details later. This invite will be open to all you young boys and girls.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone, and let’s make this the best reunion ever!!! Go Coogs!!! #classof78. #southaustin. #78supergreat



Early 2018


Re: reunion - let's not say which one!



So there was an ask that we move the reunion from June (Fathers Day, which we have done historically) to October (Homecoming), primarily because.. it's cooler! Makes sense to me; let's try it! Here is official public notice - the 40th Reunion of the Crockett High School Class of '78 will be the weekend of October 26th & 27th, 2018.


Everything else on the wiki has cobwebs, which we will brush off and spiff up if/as needed. Meanwhile, drop me a note if you want to be involved in reunion planning. Also, young Sylvia Arzola has put up a 40th Reunion page on Facebook; click here to access. (Email me if access is a problem and we'll figure it out.)



Buddy Dunn






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