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  Crockett High School Class of '78 Wiki / Chad Pierce

David Crockett High School, Austin, Texas, in the heart of South Austin


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Here's a link to more recent news: www.caringbridge.org/visit/chad.pierce

Last update: April, 2009


These are listed with the most recent postings first..


Saturday Dec 13,2008


Dear Friends,

This past Saturday Donny Finger and I drove to Dallas to get an update on Chad and to give moral support to Brian and Shirley. We were pleased to deliver the donations that were collected to help with expenses. Thank you to all who contributed, as we were able to present them with $1,300 in donations.


Chad is at Life Care Rehab in Plano. We were told that Chad is no longer considered to be in a coma. Apparently they measure the degree of a coma or his progress on a scale from one to ten. Chad was at a 3 on Saturday.


When Chad was told that we were there, his stepdad Ray asked Donny to come over and hold his hand. Chad looked at Donny and followed him with his eyes, which we were told he had not done with his eyes up until this point.


This young man has a long road ahead of him and it is evident that he has a very loving group of family and friends.


Brian and Shirley wanted to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time.


If you would like to post any personal well wishes or to keep up on his progress, Shirley has set up a website that she updates daily.




Best regards,

Liz and Donny


Thursday Dec 11,2008 2:30pm


I just got off the phone with Brian. I asked him to describe how he was feeling right now...ELATION was the word he used!!! He couldnt say enough about how much he appreciated everyone.He was in the room with Chad,this morning, when he opened his eyes.The nurses came in and asked him if he could hear them, and if he recognized his Dad,just give a 'thumbs up'. He did exactly that. Brian described all of his injuries to Chad and told him that he just needed to rest and heal up.Brian is going to go back to work in a few days,and his company is being great as far as that goes. If any of you would like to make a financial offering to help them out,Liz Wright and Donny Finger are going to see Brian and Chad this weekend. Look for the link that says "How to Help" on the this page that Buddy set up. This is great news and Brian assured me that he will keep all of us informed as Chad progresses.Thanks,everyone,for all of the powerful prayers you sent out. Have a great day.




Thursday,Dec 11,2008 12:15 pm 



Donny Finger just sent out a text letting me know that Chad had woken up!!! Liz Wright then emailed me saying that Chad recognized people but was unable to speak at this time. Ive tried to call Brian,but it went to voicemail.Im sure he is just a little busy,right now :-) Anyway, I will keep the latest info posted as it becomes available.Thanks,CHS 78,for all of your prayers,donations and well-wishes. I know for a fact the Pierce family really appreciated.Our Class is an amazing group of people,and Im honored to be a part of it.Have a GREAT day,everyone

Jeff Shepperd



From Jeff, Weds, 10 Dec 2008, noon:33 pm


Good morning, I just got off the phone with Brian and here's the latest info on Chad.He is still in a comatose state. They put him on a plane last night and flew him back to Dallas. Brian told me that there is a place there that specializes in helping coma patients. Chad's physical injuries are healing well,and he is off his ventilator. Brian is driving home,and Shirley picked up Chad. Brian told me to tell everyone just how much he appreciates all the prayers and well wishes. He will keep us posted when there is any change in Chad's condition. Ill check in with Brian periodically,as well. Have a great day,everyone,and keep sending out those prayers.




Jeff Shepperd



From Jeff, Mon, 1 Dec 2008, 1:29 pm


I talked to Brian this morning.He seemed to be in better spirits. There has been no change in Chad's condition. Brian told me that he REALLY appreciates all the prayers and thoughts from ALL of you.We need to pick it up a little. Lets get the word out. Chad needs us, as does Brian and Shirley. There are many people who havent heard due to the timing of the Holiday weekend. Pledge to make two phone calls to someone who may not have access to this page,or wasn't able to check their emails. Two calls is all it takes. I love you guys!

Your friend,

Jeff Shepperd


From Dana, Mon, 1 Dec 2008, 10:15 am


CHS Buddies,


Donny Finger spoke to Brian yesterday who expressed his gratitude for all your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Brian is exhausted, but hopeful as Chad is responding to touch, which is voluntary - a good thing for brain injuries. His broken jaw will be repaired today and while he is breathing on his own, the tubes in his lungs will remain in case of difficulties with breathing return. Yesterday, the doctors informed Brian with good news that Chad's neck was not broken. However, his broken leg has received attention and is continuing to heal.


Brian expressed his sincere thanks to the driver who accidentally hit Chad, and also thankful he stopped to render aid during the critical early stages of the accident. Chad's friends have been visiting him and receiving comfort from Brian and his family.


Again, Brian said he can't thank you enough for all your thoughts and prayers.



Dana Heiling Eskew



From Briceson, Sat, 29 Nov 2008, 10:40 am


I spoke with Brian this morning....all seems status quo at this point...They removed the neck brace this morning and while he is still not conscious he has had movement in his extremities. The did an MRI and it came back very positive. They are still waiting for him to regain consciousness.....They flew Chase back to Dallas and Shirley is flying back today. Brian has got a place in Lubbock rented by the week. It would be great if someone in Lubbock had a place they are not using....put it out there. Keep the prayers rolling in.........I sent him the link of the website and will have access to a computer until around 2:00pm today....any messages that you guys want to put up, now is the time.....





From Briceson Hodges, Fri, 28 Nov 2008, 11:39 am


Brian and his family are allowed visits throughout the day and night for a few hours at a time. I spoke with him @ 7:00am today and he told me that Chad, while not conscious, has had some movement. He has squeezed his hand a couple of times and has had movement when the nurses try to work on him. Chad was life-flighted from Midland to Lubbock University Hospital with a broken leg,  broken jaw & collapsed lungs as well as trauma to the head. The doctors were pleased last night at the stabilization of his vital signs.....I will keep you updated as information becomes available....
Briceson Hodges
Miller Brothers Floors
Office: 210.798.8888



From Jeff, Fri, 28 Nov 2008, 11:20 am


Here is the latest information I have on Chad. I've talked to Dana Heiling,Donny Finger,and received email updates from Briceson Hodges. Apparently, Chad was out Wed night with some of his buddies at a club. His friends (who he was riding with) couldn't locate Chad and left without him. He was walking home alone and got hit by a passing motorist. The driver of the vehicle WAS NOT drunk or impaired in any way, I've been told. He told the Police that he just didn't see Chad. Chad's injuries include a broken leg, collapsed lung, broken jaw and head trauma. He is currently unconscious and in intensive care. Brian said that Chad squeezed his hand when he went to see him. Chad doesn't have a room yet, as, I said earlier,he is in intensive care. He was Life Flighted from Midland to Lubbock University Hospital. There are many of our friends who are out of town during this holiday weekend,and therefore aren't receiving this message. Please help me spread the word. Brian,Shirley and Chad need our strongest prayers right now. I will continue to monitor this terrible situation through contact with Donny,Dana and Briceson. Ill keep this information updated as soon as I know anything different.



Jeff Shepperd



From Jeff Shepperd, Fri, 28 Nov 2008, 8:45 am


Briceson Hodges just informed me this morning that Brian Pierce's son ,Chad, was involved in an auto-pedestrian accident yesterday in Lubbock. He was hit by a car and is in critical condition. Briceson has asked me to send out this notice so all of you would send out your prayers for Chad. Chad came to party with us at the Broken Spoke this past April,if you will remember. He is a fine young man and told me that night that he really had a great time hanging out with all of us. Briceson has also requested that we DO NOT CALL at this time. Briceson will keep me updated and Ill pass this information along to everyone. WE are a VERY POWERFUL FORCE,friends, so lets unleash our power of prayer and let God know that we love Brian and Chad.



Jeff Shepperd







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