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April Weekend

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Crockett High School Class of '78 Wiki / Recent Events - April Weekend

David Crockett High School, Austin, Texas, in the heart of South Austin


Young Jeff Shepperd headed up an informal gathering at the Broken Spoke on Saturday, 4/5/2008, and then Kim (Ellison) Myers hosted a party at her home the following day.  Here are some images and emails from that weekend.


Saturday, 4/5/08:

 Venue:The Spoke / Artist: Bruce Robison / photographer: young Drew Palmer!


Here are stills (courtesy of Dana & Stephanie) ~


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Sunday, 4/6/08: 


Group shot: 



 Drew, Molly, Mary Beth, Joe, Kim, Dana, Jeff, Lee, Stephanie, Patty, Bobby, and Donny plus Donny's sweet car in front of Kim's house Sunday afternoon..



Patty's movie: 


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And some stills:


from Drew ~


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from Dana and Stephanie ~


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and Patty's new tattoo is a work of art ~







Editor's note: Kim played party hostess and then had knee surgery the following week; she is currently on the mend..



Hello to ALL!!!


Sorry it had taken so long to respond to ALL the emails....Steph has been reading them to me. Just haven't felt like typing...drugs do weird things to me. The knee surgery was a little more than expected...have to be on crutches for 6-8 weeks..they had to drill through my bone to let the blood supply make new cartilage...amazing...but I am on the other side now...just trying to figure out how to use these damn sticks...I am being taught patience....not my best virtue....


Patty stopped by to pick her missing articles from the party....it was good to see her. Bless her heart. Bobby and Alex rode their hogs out to see us too. Pleasant surprise..(Steph and Danny are staying with and helping me), I was laying in bed watching a movie, Steph was in another room on the computer, when I kept hearing this LOUD NOISE...I thought it was the washing machine getting over balanced...I thought yeah Steph has over filled the washer...it kept getting LOUDER AND LOUDER...I thought damn the washer is coming out of the wall...and then I thought where the hell is Steph...just as I got my leg out of the bed and to my crutches the NOISE stopped....I thought finally she got it....then she hollered I got it...no shit Sherlock....then she said it is "Bobby"   my first thought was damn,,it is my ex husband..( haven't seen him in years..but he loved Steph..so I thought he might have heard she was in town.), but then I saw Wawak,,,YEAH!!!  It was a funny scene...maybe it lost something in the script....Really Bobby thanks for coming out...when you left I decided to stop looking like shit and I put some makeup on and ball cap and we went to Hog Wild for a burger...my first venture. it went well. You brought me back to the real world.


Now to the party....We had a blast! It was a great party...we will need to do it again...only thing change...Lee and I WON'T build a fire!!!!  We both love fire...to look at ...not to get burned!!  It was easy to clean up and all.  I am off until end of May so if any of you are in the neighborhood stop by...even if you aren't drive out. lay by the pool with me.


Tim REALLY enjoyed meeting yall...he bonded with Bobby and Jeff...golf game. Plus he thought Donny's car was the best. How was Evan's  b-day party?? Sorry we missed it.


* Dana I want the corn dip recipe...that was the best yet!!!! I could make a pig of myself on that.

* Molly you promise you would stop when you are out this way...I am holding you to that.

* Mary Beth...what to say but that I was DAMN IMPRESSED with you SHOT INTAKE. my hero!

* Patty you weren't the only one that left stuff at the party...Jeffrey did too...and he spent the total night and the next day tooo.....

* Joe it was really good to see you.  Come back!

* Liz, where the hell were you!!!!!

* Drew, HUGE THANKS to you!!! FOR THE MEAT!!  YOUR SAUSAGE IS GRAND!!  THAT IS DEER SAUSAGE!! YOU OUTDID YOURSELF!!!  Also your medic came in handy too!




Love to all,



Editor's second note: Jeff has contributed a plethora of follow-up emails, and some of them can even be read in mixed company. If I have the time to build a compilation, I will post them here..







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